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Download GTA 5 Android and Drive around the City

GTA 5 and Driving Physics

SEO Title: Download GTA 5 Android and Drive around the City

Meta Description: The Arcade style driving physics in GTA 5 Android is easy to pick and very satisfying to master. We take a deeper look at how Rockstar made it happen!

GTA 5 and Driving Physics

The driving physics would translate really well on GTA 5 Android, especially when using gyroscopic controls. It is simply because Rockstar puts so much detail in not only world building or graphics, but also the minute physicality of being in a digital space.

Some may argue that the driving physics in GTA 4 was better, and they would absolutely not be wrong. The driving physics in GTA 4 was intricate however, it was aided by a superior physics-based damage model. So your car not only handled realistically (for a videogame) but also had realistic damage. GTA 5 further refined the driving physics and made it more accessible to newcomers, this is exactly why it sold exponentially well then each previous iteration in the series.

GTA 5 RAGE Engine

To examine how satisfying and responsive the driving physics in GTA 5 Android is, you have to look at the tools used to make it. There was a time when Rockstar used Criterion Games’ RenderWare engine to develop games for PC and consoles. However, since 2006, the company switched to Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. Rockstar Advanced Game Engine or RAGE is a proprietary game engine developed in-house by Rockstar. GTA 5 also used the same engine and hopefully GTA V Android will use it as well. Of course, we have no confirmation that version is going to come out anytime soon.

RAGE has a lot of great features that facilitate the developers to make impressive open world games with realistic physics. Till this date, you haven’t seen an open world game that has such an advanced level of physics implemented to it. Whether you’re playing on consoles or PC, the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine performed incredibly complex physics-based simulations. While it may not have such a huge impact on gameplay, it certainly helps the player feel immersed into the fold Grand Theft Auto made. Hopefully, the rage engine would be able to port the same fidelity to a GTA 5 Android port as well.

Impact of Driving Physics

Coming back to the driving physics, it is certainly not a simulation. If you’re looking for a game that provides extremely realistic simulation, Grand Theft Auto is definitely not the game to look at. Driving physics is arcade-y, and that is for a very good reason. A lot of people are going to play the game and going the full simulation route may turn a lot of potential gamers off. This is exactly why Rockstar Games chose a perfect balance between realism and fun.

Of course, the major difference between a Blockbuster video game like Grand Theft Auto 5 and other open world games is how detailed the driving physics is. Take, for example, the fastest car in GTA 5; the Pfister 811, it has a top speed of 132.5 mph. It handles drastically different than the Dewbauchee Vagner which doesn’t have a high top speed but has great acceleration and handling. This results in the Vagner winning most of the races. We simply compared supercars with each other, when we moved to other categories, they all handle drastically different from each other.

Diversity in Vehicles

The real beauty of the driving physics in GTA 5 lies in the diversity of the vehicles and their weight. The actual weight of the vehicle is calculated by the engine. That’s not all, the physics engine is so advanced that it also take notes whether all of the tires are touching the ground or not. For example, if 2 rear tires of a rear-drive car are off the ground, the car won’t be able to move at all. This may not seem like a big deal, but in actual gameplay, it enhances the immersion for the player drastically. We really help if there is a GTA 5 Mobile, the driving physics can remain intact.

The driving engine in Grand Theft Auto 5 also accounts for the type of terrain you are driving on. Supercars won’t handle well on sand and they will perform really badly on it. But if you take a dirt bike to the beach, it will work perfectly fine and even win you races. The type of vehicle, terrain, and even the weather (mostly rain) effects how the cars and motorcycles handle. All of these complex calculations help the RAGE engine to be one of the best ones around for open world games.

Even today, years after the release of the videogame, not many companies can be proud of their driving mechanics in open world games. For example, take Avalanche Studio’s Just Cause 4, the driving physics in a game that released quite recently is nowhere near the quality of GTA 5. It simply shows the attention to detail and dedication Rockstar has for their videogames.

GTA 5 Android?

Unfortunately, GTA 5 Android does not exist yet so the only way to enjoy the Grand Theft Auto experience is to own a PC or a console. However, there are many great games available on the Google Play Store from the same franchise. While GTA: Chinatown Wars is one of our personal favorites, we would love to recommend another great GTA for Android; GTA: San Andreas.

GTA: San Andreas Android brings the amazing world of Los Santos straight to your Android device. Los Santos if the same city that’s featured in GTA 5 as well. GTA: San Andreas released on the PlayStation 2 what has been enhanced for the Android experience and works flawlessly on a number of different devices. While it is not as graphically impressive as GTA 5, it is still using an amazing driving physics engine which is remarkably similar to GTA 5. This means that while you cannot get a GTA V Android, you’ll still have a portable GTA with you to play anywhere you go.

We’re posting a download link below to GTA: San Andreas so you can easily install it on your android device. We highly recommend that you use a controller with the game because it makes driving and running around extremely easy. Thankfully, the game is compatible with a number of different controllers including the Xbox One controller, so you won’t even have to purchase an extra if you already own a console.

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