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Download Fortnite now and experience new heights

 Fortnite is the #1 battle royale themed game out there because of its fun and unique gameplay and its easy mechanics. Download it now.

            Fortnite: Battle Royale is the #1 Shooter game being streamed on twitch and is one of the most popular games for the last few years now. It is a free to play battle royale themed game with some vibrant colors around the map and content releases every now and then making the game feel refreshing and new every once in a while. It features a third person shooter where your main goal is to outlive and eliminate everyone else so that you become the last man standing. At first, it seems like the typical battle royale game, you start on a bus with 99 other players, you choose where you want to land, try to get some loot and kill everyone around you, survive until you are the last one standing, simple right? But Fortnite takes it one step further, by allowing players to collect materials and build various structures. This building mechanic that Fortnite has introduce to the battle royale genre has been game changing since you can now build your own cover to prevent incoming bullets. This unique mechanic which has never been seen before in shooter type games helped make Fortnite one of the most popular games since its release in 2017.

Fortnite allows players to build 4 different structures which are; Walls, Floors, Pyramids and Stairs. These 4 basic structures in order to cover yourself to prevent damage and give you some leverage by building up and trying to get a better view. These structures can also be edited by using the default edit key and selecting what part of the structure you want to edit. This allows players to create windows or doors in walls, holes on floors, make one – sided stairs, or even turn your pyramid into a ramp. Building these structures, especially when combined with greatly timed edits, can bring your game to a whole new level and you can easily outbuild and outclass your opponents.   

            Another reason why Fortnite is as popular as it is today is because of its availability for almost anyone. It is available on almost any platform, there is Fortnite for mobile, Fortnite for consoles such as Xbox, PS4 and even the Nintendo Switch, and of course, Fortnite is also available on PC. Fortnite is also a free to play game making it very accessible and playable by almost everyone. Fortnite also supports cross-platform play which allows you to play with your friends even if you are playing on two different platforms. You can choose various game modes such as Duos for two people, Squads for up to 4 people, and even Team Rumble where it’s a 50v50, 150 kill goal race. In general though, Fortnite tries to match you up with people on the platform to level the playing field.

            Fortnite is a free to play game in general but other customization items such as skins for your character, different looks for your pickaxe, various back blings, weapon skins, and the tons of wacky, funny and goofy emotes will cost you some V-bucks which is Fortnite’s in – game currency. For the most part, 1000 V-bucks should cost you $9.99, which is quite a lot considering that skins, especially rare ones, usually cost upwards of 2000 v-bucks which basically translates to $20 a skin. The battle royale game though is completely free and these cosmetics don’t grant any in – game advantage, aside from looking cool, so you can still play Fortnite without spending a single dollar. If you really want to get some cool looking skins and tons of other cosmetics, you could just buy the season’s Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is available for 950 V-bucks which is still around $10 but it gives you tons of other things in return. If you can get the Battle Pass maxed out at tier 100, you’ll get around 5 or 6 skins, a few emotes, some glider skins, pickaxe skins, some toys and V-bucks enough to buy the next season’s Battle Pass and a little bit more. It is basically a one – time purchase and you’re set as long as you save up the V-bucks.

Epic games, the developer of Fortnite also releases tons of updates and new content every now and then making the game feel refreshing and brand new. They release new guns, new cosmetics, new items, new ways to travel around the map, and during new seasons new places and areas to explore. They also have some Limited Time game modes such as One shot, Solid Gold and Wild West to name a few. Fortnite also features a Creative mode where the player has unlimited access to materials and items in the game, you also have your own “Block” where you can create a world of your own which if good enough, can be featured on the Fortnite Map itself. The Creative mode is also great for practicing building and editing techniques because of the unlimited resources.

            Fortnite mobile is available for download for both iOS and Android devices, it does require some high-end hardware but a lot of different phones already support it, especially the newly released ones. First thing to do before downloading Fortnite on your mobile phone is to check if Fortnite is compatible with your device. To do so, just visit the Fortnite website to check for device compatibility. If you can see your device on the list, then proceed to the next steps, If not, sadly Fortnite is not available for your mobile phone yet. To download Fortnite mobile on iOS devices, it is pretty simple, just go into the app store and search for Fortnite and download it from there. Fortnite for Android mobiles though have a different approach and a little more steps to do. Open your preferred browser and go to the epic games Fortnite mobile website which is: fortnite.com/android. Click the download button and you should be prompted with some security permissions, just click allow and then download the installer. Install the Fortnite Installer apk and open it up. You should see a yellow install button, just click it and Fortnite should begin downloading. It would take a few minutes depending on your download speed, after it has completed downloading, Fortnite should already be installed on your device and you’re all set to get that sweet Victory Royale!

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